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New ‘Overwatch’ Exploit Let Hackers Crash Games

A new Overwatch exploit is allowing cheaters to crash games when a player presses the wrong button.

Overwatch has reputation for having occasional glitches and bugs. However, some glitches lead to players getting kicked out from matches. Much to the chagrin of streamers, a new exploit is doing just that.

Several Twitch streams show hackers joining games and sending invites to players on the other team. The game can crash when a player presses P or O, according to a report from Dexerto.

Regrettably, some players press P or O out of pure instinct. As a result, they end up being booted from games despite being aware of the exploit.

How Does The Exploit Work?

The glitch was also mentioned on the official Overwatch forums. One user claims that they were watching their friends play when he “got a friend request from someone with tons of [numbers] in their username.”

Furthermore, the user explained that if he presses O or P with that friend request still pending on Overwatch, his game crashes.

As if that weren’t enough, that a disconnection causes a loss of -50 SR. In other words, players are likely to lose a considerable amount of their rank or get banned for the season if it keeps happening.

Blizzard is still mum on the exploit. However, the developer will probably roll out a fix soon. Until then, it is recommended to avoid playing Overwatch if you play on PC. Console players seem safe from this glitch at the moment.

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