GTA Online Glitch
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New ‘GTA Online’ Glitch Make Cars To Fall From The Sky

GTA Online players are annoyed by a newly discovered glitch that transforms cars into deadly flying machines,

The huge fanbase of GTA Online does not bump into bizarre glitches on a regular basis. However, they recently discovered a notable malfunction that makes cars fall from the sky.

This newly discovered GTAO glitch has started to annoy some players. It was initially considered as one of those funny moments the game creates but watching NPC vehicles spawn randomly is now infuriating the players.

It has been happening so many times that it is now affecting players’ gameplay and eventually leading to undesired consequences. 

flying cars in GTA Online

“Cars have been spawning in weird places for me all week. It usually completely f**ks up whatever I’m trying to accomplish,” user ‘BrianosaurisTex’ said explaining how the glitch affects tasks that involve driving.

The user was responding to a clip posted by Reddit user inkei_memez. In the clip, the user is driving in the boulevard until a white sedan spawns in the air. As if that weren’t enough, the car dropped to the ground. It initially appeared to be flung before barreling extremely fast down the road.

“Has this been happening to anyone else lately??” the Redditor asked the GTAO community. Much to his surprise, a lot of people admitted that they have come across the glitch.

“The game has glitched way too many times this week. It is starting to get irritating,” another player said.

Furthermore, GTAO players have to keep an attentive eye in all directions because the same glitch is happening with cars appearing on the road driving sideways.

Some players claim that the glitch happens far less in invite-only lobbies, while public lobbies experience it more often. The GTAO community is understandably urging developer Rockstar to address the glitch.


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