New Apex Legends Weapon Discovered In Season 6 Devstream

Apex Legends Weapons

Recently surfaced Apex Legends leaks suggest a new weapon might be coming soon after the codename “Predator” was discovered by chance in the files of a new patch.

There is a possibility that the impending weapon might have made its appearance during the Season 6 dev stream. With new Apex Legends seasons unfolding, Respawn Entertainment has been rolling out all sorts of content in their battle royale including new legend, maps, map changes, new cosmetics, and quests.

With Season 6: Boosted kicking off, Respawn introduced Rampart to the mix, as well as the Volt SMG. Some data miners have been exploring the new files in a bid to find what’s slated to arrive next. Some hawk-eyed data miners have discovered a new map bearing codename “Tropic Island” and a new weapon is also likely to make an appearance.

The shred of information comes from renowned data miner Shrugtal who discovered that the files reference a new weapon dubbed Predator. Regrettably, the file does not divulge more details about the weapon’s type, but one of the strings of code states “shell drops,” which could be linked to a reload animation.

Some Apex Legends players suggest that the new weapon could be the Bow that was spotted online a few weeks ago, but the shell drops note is likely to debunk that rumor. It seems to fit the bill of being the rifle that was seen in the Season 6 dev stream.

It is also worth noting that not all weapons that have been leaked in the past made their way into the game, with the game developer noting that there are ample of leftover files from their Titanfall series. In other words, we will just have to wait and see as to what the Apex devs come up with, and if this new weapon codenamed “Predator” makes an appearance in Season 6.

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