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Nadeshot believes that LA Thieves’ difficult CDL season will end on a more positive note

LA Thieves CEO Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag believes that the difficult year will end on a high note. The Los Angeles Thieves have witnessed a myriad of highs and lows throughout the 2021 Call of Duty League season.

This is LA Thieves’ first year in the CDL, but it hasn’t been smooth sailing for the popular esports team. While Stage 1 seemed great with a 4-1 record, things have been quite challenging ever since.

it took them seven roster shuffles across the following Stages to grab a spot among the top six in the overall standings. There have been several adjustments, but the latest starting lineup will probably be the final iteration we will see this, according to Dexerto.

Huke was surprisingly benched soon after he was signed. Now, the former Dallas Empire champion is making a comeback alongside veteran SlasheR, who is rejoining after being on the bench for nine weeks.

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Since all the pieces are finally in place, Nadeshot is reflecting on their first CDL season in a June 10 sit-down interview with H3CZ. While he admits it has been a difficult year, the LA Thieves CEO is confident 2021 will end on a good note.

“We have tried and tested a bunch of different lineups with a bunch of different players,” Nadeshot acknowledged.

“I know it might be confusing from the public’s eye and I understand it. But I actually think this year has been super informative.”

Young recruits Venom and Drazah will be getting their fair share of playtime in official matches. According to Nade, this justifies the multiple LA roster shuffles in the long run. “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with experimenting with different lineups.

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“If you have a team like FaZe or Toronto… Those teams look unbeatable. When you have young talent that has never had an opportunity to try and shine, why not give them the opportunity?”

The rookies are back on the bench. However, Nadeshot is focusing more on the remainder of the 2021 season.

The first four stages have been nothing short of ‘turbulent and difficult.” Nevertheless, the final act this year is likely to end on a more positive note, he insisted.

“Moving back into the rest of the year, with LAN coming back, I think Slasher, Huke, TJ, and Kenny give us our best shot at winning.

The LA Thieves is currently hosting the final week of Stage 4action ahead of the Major. For its next matchup, the team will go toe-to-toe against Minnesota ROKKR on June 11.

Let us know in the comments section below if you think this version of the roster will hold together for the rest of the year.

The topic begins at the 35:25 mark below:

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