‘My Hero Academia’ Cosplayer Brings Ochaco Uraraka To Life With Awesome Outfit

my hero academia Ochaco Uraraka

My Hero Academia‘s Ochaco Uraraka is one of the series’ most charming characters, which makes her a popular pick in the cosplay community.

While there’s no dearth of Ochaco Uraraka cosplays, it is hard to find an outfit that looks as awe-inspiring as this one. Making her debut in the third episode of My Hero Academia, Ochaco Uraraka has been a fan-favorite since. She is usually laid-back, and positive.

Despite being a little air-headed sometimes, she is extremely determined and focused and doesn’t like being underestimated. As if that weren’t enough, she has an amazing quirk dubbed, “Zero Gravity.” It allows her to make some targets immune to gravity and can be used in multiple ways.

Ochaco’s hero costume comprises a black bodysuit with a pink design in the middle, two black circles on her chest, a black rectangle below her waist, and a couple of pink patches over her shoulders. Aside from that, she wears knee-high boots, wrist guards, a choker, a belt, and pink armbands.


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My Hero Academia cosplayers love recreating her iconic hero costumes as authentically as they can. A cosplayer named Brooklyn (@honeyrabbiit) brought it to life in the most amazing way. She made the costume herself, except for the wig, which is made by bep.cosplays.

With over 20,000 likes at the time of writing, her cosplay garnered so much popularity that she posed in it again alongside bep.cosplays, who donned a Katsuki Bakugo costume. “All I remember is that I was freezing and I took a hot bath after this shoot,” she wrote.


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A post shared by brooklyn 🍯🐇 (@honeyrabbiit)

The second picture also received more than 10,000 likes. The photography from arcane_shutter in both pictures was a nice touch, too. Watch this space for the latest cosplays.

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