MrBeast Bullying
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MrBeast comes under fire from former employees for purported bullying

Known for his over-the-top challenge videos, YouTuber Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson has a reputation for organizing charitable giveaways.

Some of MrBeast’s former employees have accused him of bullying. One of YouTube’s most popular content creators, MrBeast has his restaurant chain called, MrBeast Burger.

However, his pristine image is being contested by his former editors and critics. The 22-year-old YouTuber recently drew flak for some of his older content, in which he uses homophobic slurs.

The New York Times’ Taylor Lorenz interviewed some of MrBeast’s past editors, who claimed that they were bullied by the philanthropist while they were under his employment.

Nate Anderson, 22, who edited for him in Mar. 2018, resigned after just a week of work, accusing the “perfectionist” MrBeast of making “unreasonable demands.”

“Nothing ever worked for him,” Anderson said. “He always wanted it a certain way.”

In a now-deleted YouTube video, Anderson went on to say that he would hateful comments and death threats from MrBeast’s fanbase as a result of his statement.

In Oct. 2019, former editor Matt “Turnur” Turner opened up about a toxic work environment, making a series of similar claims against MrBeast. Many of the aforesaid claims have been taken down from social media, including one which accused the YouTuber of using a slur against him meant to cast aspersions on people with mental disabilities.

MrBeast has neither confirmed nor denied these accusations, but he purportedly opened up about Turner’s claims in 2019 on a phone call with Drama Alert’s KEEMSTAR. He allegedly said that he had given the editor a $10,000 severance payment and even helped him find another job at SoaR Gaming.

It remains to be seen whether or not MrBeast will address the newest claims against him. Stay tuned to AuczarPlus for the latest news from popular YouTubers and influencers.

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