Mizkif, Pokimane, Valkyrae
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Mizkif Mistakens Pokimane For Valkyrae During Twitch Stream

Matthew ‘Mizkif’ Rinaudo was embarrassed after mistaking Pokimane for Valkyrae during a Twitch stream.

Valkyrae, Mizkif, and Pokimane are good friends and play games together. They have also teamed up with others to play games.

After the RFLCT controversy, Valkyrae had streamed with her friends which included Mizkif. During the stream, she called Mizkif a “good friend”. However, she later regretted streaming with him as he was poking fun at her.

Earlier, Mizkif ate avocado off Pokimane’s sock just for 100 Twitch subs. Pokimane found it to be repugnant.

Mizkif Mixes Up Names of Pokimane and Valkyrae

On November 10, during a stream; Valkyrae, Pokimane, and Mizkif were playing the Crab Game. Ludwig, Corpse Husband, Dream, and Sykkuno also joined the stream.

Now the streamers decided to perform a task completely relying on guesswork. Showing multiple colored towers on a stage, the intention of the task is to choose the ‘safe’ towers which would leave the ‘bad’ tower standing. If a player happens to press the ‘bad’ colored tower, they will explode and lose the game, as per Dexerto.

Mizkif voted for the ‘bad’ tower, calling out the blue one. Later, Corpse Husband pressed the blue button and exploded. Mizkif jumped up out of his chair and roared: “I was right, Rae! Wait.”

Pokimane heard what Mizkif said and responded: “Did you just call me Rae? That’s so awkward! It’s like saying the wrong name in bed.”

Mizkif was extremely embarrassed after mistaking Pokimane for Valkyrae. He sat on his chair shouted: “Get me out of here! Get me out of here!”

However, this wasn’t the end. Pokimane continued to roast Mizkif. She called him a “terrible friend.”

Moreover, she said: “What do you want me to do, call you xQc next?” An embarrassed Mizkif just replied with a thank you.

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