Mercy and Ashe Are All Set For OWL Finals With Incredible Seoul Cosplays

Ashe Cosplay OWL Finals

OWL Finals: The season finale is the biggest weekend of 2020 for Overwatch esports, and despite the absence of in-person events for the Finals this year, there’s no dearth of fans supporting their favorite teams and watching the action.

Aside from being diehard Dynasty fans, Tasha and Doremi are capable of putting an awe-inspiring Overwatch cosplay together. To mark Seoul’s Grand Finals’ appearance, the pair pulled out their Ashe and Mercy creations, which are not only inch-perfect but are flawlessly adorned with Seoul’s black and gold.

Tasha cosplays Ashe to perfection sporting the hero’s signature white hair, and with her never-failing Viper Rifle at her side. Every part of the cosplay, including the jacket, matches the Dynasty’s in-game skin for her.

While the internet is teeming with all sorts of Overwatch cosplays, OWL-specific ones are considerably rarer, particularly because there have been no live events for the league at all in 2020.

Doremi and Tasha, who call their pair spiral cats, have been a fixture the Korean Overwatch esports scene for quite some time now, and have made multiple appearances during events wearing Dynasty-branded skins for a myriad of heroes.

Seoul is in an ideal position to make a run for the title, but they need to first defeat the Overwatch League’s 2019 Grand Finals Champions, San Francisco Shock, who is already in a dominant form. San Fran overpowered the Dynasty during the playoffs and is likely to do so again in an attempt to retain their championship on Oct 10.

The boys in black and gold will rely heavily on the energy their fans send to them when it comes to pulling off the upset and oust San Francisco in the OWL finals and become the OWL champions, something the team has strived to achieve until now. Watch this space for latest Esports news.

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