MaximusBlack, xQc piece together a GTA V RP rap song [Music Video]

MaximusBlack, xQc GTA V RP

Twitch streamers MaximusBlack and xQc have dropped a music video for GTA V RP rap song.

Much to the delight of GTA RP fans, the debut song from fan-favorite characters X and Outto-Tune-Tyrone is now available for them to check out. Recorded in character, MaximusBlack and xQc made a rap song paying homage to some of the greatest moments in the NoPixel run of X.

“Bish Don’t Take My Phone” as the name suggests, draws inspiration from the police taking the phone from X when arresting him. The act has become something of a joke among GTA RP players, however, it is included as one of the throwbacks in the song.

The piece was recorded and produced by musical artist and full-time Twitch streamer MaxmimusBlack, who graces the main portion of the track in his RP persona Outto-Tune Tyron (a.k.a. OTT).

A video created by the YouTuber Marcologna accompanies the song’s release. It includes some well-animated visuals inside the GTA V engine to match the themes of the track.

Marcologna has reputation for creating high-quality GTA animations. They even created the popular NoPixel cinematic trailers.

xQc, who was banned from the GTA RP server recently, was impressed by the visual and reacted to the clip-on stream. Considering that the community has received it so well, X and OTT could soon be heading back into the studio to make their next track.

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