Ludwig temporarily banned on YouTube, breaking his daily uploads streak

Ludwig Ahgren YouTube Ban

Ludwig Anders Ahgren was banned from another social media platform. Following a recent upload, the popular Twitch streamer was unexpectedly banned on YouTube.

While Ludwig has garnered huge popularity on Twitch, the internet celeb have little luck on other social media platforms. After being banned on Instagram last week, the streamer’s YouTube account has now been taken away temporarily.

Ludwig has been consistently uploading for the past two years. However, his streak has been ended due to a ban that imposed when he was broadcasting. “Hold up boys… What the f***,” he said after getting the ban details in his inbox.

Ludwig’s YouTube channel that has about two million subscribers is currently banned. “I just got a community strike on my last ‘You Laugh You Lose’ video,” he confirmed.

“They just took [the June 15 video] down. I can’t upload a video for a week. My streak’s gonna die because of a…” Ludwig shouted.

YouTube informed Ludwig that the strike was related to “child safety.” However, he was unable to pinpoint the specific clip that led to the ban. “What was in the video?” he asked.

“This sucks actually. I wonder what it was.”

The ban has put an end to his upload streak on YouTube. Ludwig has been releasing at least one video on his channel for 618 days running. In other words, this will be the first time in two years that he will be unable to upload, according to Dexerto.

Some viewers in chat suggested one clip that might have led to the ban. Throughout his latest video, the content creator reacted to a clip of a monkey throwing its poop at a child.

However, Ludwig pointed out that the original clip is still on YouTube. “That doesn’t make sense,” he said.

“The video is on YouTube. If my video got taken down, but the [original] video has 10x my views… Every single clip is a reaction to a clip on YouTube.”

Why do you think Ludwig was banned on YouTube. Let us know in the comments section below.

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