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Ludwig Discovers A Bug In Twitch Chat, Requests Users To Stop

Twitch streamer Ludwig was vexed when he discovered a bug with emotes and emojis and begged for his chat to stop.

Ludwig is a popular chess streamer who streams his chess games. As of now, he has 3 million followers on Twitch. He also gained popularity due to his 31-day subathon in April. He got into grudge matches with MrBeast and other content creators.

Last month, Ludwig was streaming in an unusual setup. He was streaming on a laptop from a kitchen, while also competing in’s PogChamps tournament for $100,000.

The unconventional setup didn’t cause hindrance to his usual content. However, it angered Ludwig. The 26-year-old streamer faced a range of technical issues that one would encounter while streaming on a laptop. Also, the Twitch chat had bugs which he couldn’t tackle.

Twitch Chat Finds A Bug

On August 10, Ludwig began streaming as usual. He was preparing to compete in the quarter-finals of’s legendary $100,000 tournament. However, after a couple of minutes, things didn’t go well as the Twitch chat discovered a bug.

The bug is related to Twitch’s emotes, where specific emojis take up more than half of the chat with a massive version instead.

Ludwig observed the emoji and requested the users to stop sending the emoji. However, the users didn’t stop and relentlessly spammed in the chat section.

He said “Guys stop… stop posting the emoji, guys stop it! The stream is already scuffed, don’t make it worse.”

The bug seemed to be a one-time deal as users tried to replicate it but were unsuccessful. After facing the issue, Ludwig lost to Twitch streamer boxbox and was knocked out of the Chess tournament.

PogChamps 4 finals are scheduled for September 12. Fundy will be facing off against Crokeyz for the championship, and YouTube sensation MrBeast will play against Rubius for the consolation championship.

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