Ludwig Breaks Ninja’s All-Time Sub Record After Nonstop 31-Day Stream

Ludwig Ahgren Subathon

Ludwig Ahgren has ended his 31-day stream by breaking Ninja’s all-time Twitch subscriber record.

After over a month, Ahgren is understandably tired and slept a lot near the end. For 31 days, his stream was up and running all day, and although he hasn’t been awake the entire time, he and his moderators left no stone unturned to ensure that it’s grown to be one of Twitch’s most consistent presences.

It has taken a not-insignificant mental and physical toll on those involved. A timer has been counting down to zero, however, every time somebody subscribed, ten seconds got added to the clock. Ahgren has more subscriptions than anybody else in Twitch history, Kotaku reported.

Since starting this subathon, Ahgren has become the most subscribed streamer on Twitch. He had amassed 1,730 subs on the 13th, the day before he took his subathon live, according to Twitch Tracker.

By Apr. 1st, he had 160,138 and that number had jumped to 183,191 as of Apr. 4th. By the 13th, he was close to 262,000. When the stream came to an end on Apr. 14 at midnight ET, with more than 225,000 people watching, he had over 282,000 subs.

At one point, Ahgren’s channel was the most viewed on the entire website while he was sleeping. It didn’t seem that the award was worth more, with about 38 minutes remaining on the clock once again.

Every subscription added 10 seconds to the clock and anyone trying to donate more than 100 subs was banned. Ludwig was bent on ending the stream after 31 days no matter what because he thought he knew that given the chance, the Twitch community would keep him live forever.

Users in the chat switched between wanting him to stay live and wanting to free him. By the end of Apr. 1st, it was clear that he would have to spend another night on air. As the clock ticked down from 15 minutes on Apr. 2nd, Ahgren’s mods were playing digital marble race on stream with some of the 60,000 people in chat.

On the morning of Apr. 4th, as the timer hovered just under ten minutes, Ahgren slept with a lo-fi remix of Zelda’s Lullaby playing in the background. On the afternoon of the final day, Ahgren’s sub count increased again as he tried to break Tyler “Ninja” Blevins’ all-time subscription record of 269,154.

The money from this day’s subs was donated to Humane Society and St. Jude’s, dollar from every single sub from the first 29 days of Ahgren’s stream was pledged to the charity No Kid Hungry. “Relax! It’s fine now,” he said.

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