Loba Andrade Cosplay: ‘Apex Legends’ cosplayer recreates the High Society Thief

Loba Andrade Cosplay

A highly talented Apex Legends cosplayer known as Legal Waifu (a.k.a. Sarenji) has come up with a jaw-dropping Loba cosplay.

Bringing the High Society Thief into the real world, Sarenji created a perfect outfit, complete with a wolfish cane.

Loba Andrade, who made her debut in the Season 5 of Apex Legends, has not been able to make an impact on the battle royale’s meta. However, with Season 9: Legacy just around the corner, this is likely to change.

Her Ultimate will be slightly nerfed as its cooldown will be slowed by 30 seconds, and her bracelet will be significantly buffed, according to Dexerto

he “can now run and slide at full speed while aiming the bracelet and while the bracelet is in the air. Loba will no longer be slowed after translocating,” Respawn has confirmed.

Aside from that, there will be several bug fixes that led to the failure of bracelet tosses. Loba’s universally popular character design will not undergo any changes.

The white standard skin, as well as her wolf cane, is suitable for fan recreations, and that’s exactly what cosplayer Sarenji gave us with her latest Loba cosplay.

Her cosplay has garnered over 2K likes, coupled with a lot of positive feedback on Instagram. The hair, makeup, earrings, and buckles are all on point. There’s also an awesome cane that supplements the white outfit.


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In the second photo, she replaced the cane with a Wingman replica. The cosplay even grabbed the attention of Fryda Wolff, the voice of Loba in-game, who wrote, “After Shadow and Bone I am VERY into animal canes aesthetic.”

Thea Megan Trinidad Budgen, who is popularly known by her ring name Zelina Vega, also shared her version of Loba on Instagram earlier this week.

The post includes a clip she had shared on social media in Aug. last year.

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