‘League Of Legends’ Samira Release Date, Abilities And More

League Of Legends Samira

The 151st League of Legends champion, Noxian marksman Samira, the Desert Rose has been unveiled. Here’s everything we know about the recently introduced megastar that is dressed to kill, including her abilities, scheduled patch release date, and more.

Speculations surrounding the arrival of a champ began doing the round within the community last month. An easter egg was discovered on Patch 10.16, and hints of an impending arrival of a mysterious character, “Samira” surfaced on the PBE.

Aside from these leaks, Riot Games’ June update that hinted at a new AD carry making its debut in Season 10, indicated one thing: League’s 151st champion will be making its appearance sooner than expected.

The developers teased her secret Rank S emote and mission in-game before fully unveiling Samira as the latest Marksman. Riot Games released a trailer for Samira: The Desert Rose on Aug. 30. The game developer released a cinematic teaser before giving fans a full look at the new champ in-game.

Some fans describe her as a perfect blend of Riven, Katarina, and Gangplank. Samira is a gifted, ruthless marksman who charges up her style meter as she hunts for the flashiest kill. Because it’s not about the win — it’s about the thrill,” the video’s official description reads.

Samira’s abilities

Previously surfaced leaks indicated that Samira’s abilities are similar to four other champions already in League of Legends. Her jaw-dropping kit is inspired by Katarina’s ultimate, Irelia’s W, Urgot’s W, and Nunu & Willump’s ult.

Other leaks indicated that she would use an ultimate that allows her “spin and shoot bullets from her machine gun, as well as throw multiple daggers.” Samira’s ult ability will be within the bounds of her Style Rating, which is determined by the number of champions she hitting at any one time.

Moreover, Samira is expected to work like Aphelios. While multiple gun changes will not be required, she will alternate between her dagger and pistol for her moves. She is likely to wield a machine gun for ultimate ability.

Samira’s release date

If you have restlessly been waiting to get your hands on the Season 10 champion, we got good news for you. If leaks are anything to go by, Samira will be making her debut pretty soon.

Samira was originally slotted in for a two-week release date, according to leaker Streamie. In other words, the AD carry should be on the PBE by League Patch 10.18. This would be ahead of the Worlds update, meaning, she’d probably be disabled in pro play.

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