‘League of Legends’ K/DA Hints At An Upcoming Song With Seraphine

League of Legends KDA

Riot Games has confirmed that the impending champion Seraphine will be teaming up with League of Legends pop group K/DA on a song before their new album is released.

League of Legends‘ beloved pop group K/DA made their comeback on Aug. 27, announcing the debut of new artists on their album ahead of Worlds 2020. Based around highly popular champions: Akali, Kai’Sa, Ahri, and Evelynn, the group is gearing up to introduce a fifth member.

This announcement came after the group confirmed a collab with Riot’s mysterious character, Seraphine, who was first teased by the game developer on Twitter and Soundcloud. The character released a cover of K/DA’s debut single dubbed, “POP/STARS,” which instantly went viral.

The teasers led many to believe that the fifth member of K/DA could be Seraphine, who would possibly be revealed as the sensational mage champion which was leaked for season 10. Seraphine took to her Twitter account to confirm that she will be linking up with K/DA to help produce their album and also feature on an upcoming track.

“This is seriously a dream come true and it’s all possible thanks to you,” Seraphine wrote.

The official K/DA Music account also teased the impending collaboration, finally confirming Seraphine’s association with the League of Legends universe. It is worth noting that she is not confirmed as an upcoming champion yet.

“Asked and answered,” they wrote alongside an image of the K/DA group with their new member ahead of their upcoming collab. The announcement garnered skyrocketing support from fans, with the post getting one hundred thousand likes in less than 24 hours.

Details about the track featuring K/DA and Seraphine are still few and far between, but with a full album slated to arrive ahead of Worlds 2020, fans won’t have to wait too much longer for its release.

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