‘League of Legends’ Cosplayer Looks Intimidating As Blade Queen Lissandra

League of Legends Cosplay

The Blade Queen Lissandra skin transforms one of the most relentless League of Legends champions into an even more imposing warrior on the battlefield, and a talented artist named Aoi Akari brought it to life.

The Ice Witch Lissandra is a popular choice among League of Legends players since she boasts the impressive power to combine ice and dark magic and transform into something terrible – black ice. It is worth mentioning here that she already looks intimidating, however, the Blade Queen Lissandra skin makes her even scarier.

Her intimidating looks haven’t stopped League of Legends cosplayers from embracing their dark side, adopting their own magic to bring her to life in the real world. Popular cosplayer Aoi Akari, who is known for her stunning outfits, has a reputation for creating and wearing almost under the sun.

In one of her latest cosplays, she showed Blade Queen Lissandra from League of Legends some love. The cosplay is flawless from head to toe, and if you look closely, the attention to detail in everything from the skin tone, nails, the armor plates to the headpiece is unbelievably good. The crests, gems, patterns look like a real deal.


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The cosplay highlights beautifully interwoven shades of brown, purple, and green. They blend in together beautifully and the background effect makes it even better. Aoi Akari posted pictures from various angles and perspectives too. One of those snaps offers a closer glimpse of the headpiece and shoulders.

Aside from that, the lipstick tone and the vicious snarl are on point. It is imperative for any cosplay piece to look authentic, and Aoi Akari hit the ball right out of the park with her Blade Queen Lissandra piece, which is nothing short of a work of art in terms of craftsmanship and she looks fantastic wearing it too.

Moreover, her posses and expressions give off the right vibe. Stay tuned in here for the latest gaming cosplays.

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