‘League of Legends’ Cosplayer Creates A Stunning K/DA Seraphine

League of Legends Seraphine

League of Legends Cosplay: Seraphine has garnered huge popularity in the League of Legends fandom, entertaining millions as a solo artist and part of K/DA.

Few have been able to capture the Zaun and Piltovan artist’s essence, and Brazilian cosplayer ‘kitsuneraposa’. Although Seraphine is one of the newest additions to League of Legends, the pop star has made it big.

The fan-favorite support / mid laner’s popularity is a result of her Twitter account, as well as K/DA collaboration on release. She propelled to skyrocketing popularity even before she was released, with many lining up to do cosplays of the League star.

This one of her K/DA skin by ‘kitsuneraposa’ is one of the fanciest ones we have seen yet. Raposa took Seraphine’s design, including stage and all, in their cosplay. No expense was spared and it is evident. From the wig to the platform, everything is picture perfect.

Raposa was brought by Riot Brazil to do the cosplay, and she compared her experience with Seraphine’s growth. “Everything worked out in the end and the result was stunning. I ended up identifying myself as [Seraphine], and like her, I lived the dream of being part of K/DA for a day,” they wrote on Instagram.

While Raposa is more popular for her Ahri cosplays in the community, her Seraphine one can be deemed as her best work yet. From the stunning metallic dress, crystal powered stage, to the microphone, every detail was thoroughly combed over.

Her cosplay sent fans into a frenzy, just like Seraphine herself did. It will be tough to outdo this one for quite some time. Watch this space for the latest gaming cosplays.

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