‘League of Legends’ Cosplayer Celebrates Lunar New Year In Style As Lunar Beast Darius

League of Legends Lunar Beast Darius

League of Legends cosplayer, TWIIN celebrated the Lunar New by showing off his version of Lunar Beast Darius.

To celebrate Lunar New Year, some cosplayers transformed themselves into their favorite festival-inspired characters. One League of Legends cosplayer named TWIIN took this to the next level, bringing the Year of the Ox in style as Lunar Beast Darius.

This year marks Lunar New Year celebrations for the Year of the Ox, which symbolizes excellence, power, honesty, and diligence. Riot makes a new set of LoL skins available to the players in a bid to celebrate the big holiday. 

It is hardly surprising that a lot of the designs this year drew inspiration from the festival and were based on the Ox theme. The designs comprised some powerful champions, as well as a few tough helmets.

One of the latest arrivals is Darius. The Noxian’s Lunar Beast skin took the Summoner’s Rift by storm, featuring a massive axe, a lot of red and gold, and two horns that allude to the Ox theme. If you liked the -game cosmetic, you are likely to love cosplayer TWIIN’s adaptation of the skin.

TWINN wore Darius’ signature red coat that looks the real deal, adding a Lunar Revel twist to it. Moreover, he flawlessly recreated Darius’ full-arm gauntlets, making strong plates of armor. On top of that, he did up Darius’ axe, with gold plating and red tones to slice through the opponents.

Rounding the design off, he made glowing yellow Ox horns to wear, just like the skin in-game. Aside from garnering praises from the community, the cosplay even got a nod from Riot on the developers’ League of Legends LATAM account. Watch this space for the latest cosplays.

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