‘League of Legends’ Cosplayer Brings Newly-Revealed Champion Gwen To Life

League of Legends Gwen

League of Legends cosplayer has left fans aghast with their amazing Gwen outfit.

Gwen is gearing up to make her appearance as League of Legends’ next champion. While fans are waiting with bated breath for the developers to make her available to LoL players, Cloud9 streamer ‘Emiru’ has created an awe-inspiring cosplay of the new champion just after she was unveiled in a new gameplay trailer.

There’s no dearth of LoL characters to cosplay, including Ahri, Akali, Sett, and Viego. So, it is hardly surprising that there’s a cosplay of all 154 champions floating on the internet.

Now, there are also some for the newly-revealed champion, Gwen, who isn’t released yet. A doll created by Vigo’s wife, Isolde, Gwen carries a part of the Ruined King’s heart on the Rift.

She sports long turquoise hair with a black lolita outfit, which Emiru’s amazing Gwen cosplay brought to life. The Cloud9 streamer, who is no stranger to the cosplay scene, put together a high-quality cosplay on a short turnaround.

Taking to her social media accounts, “lil egg” posted a cheeky video lip-sync, nailing down all the elements. From the blue hair to the charm necklace design around her neck and the makings of Gwen’s black-and-white dress, Emiru’s cosplay flawlessly mimics them,


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However, Emiru said she wasn’t happy with the Gwen cosplay. She continues to receive an outpouring of support for it, though. “I was kind of unhappy with my Gwen cosplay, but not beating myself up since it’s to be expected of a project done in one night,” she tweeted.

“The comments on all of my accounts saying Riot must’ve sent me Gwen’s models months in advance for me to have it ready today make me feel better.”

She went on to described her Gwen cosplay as “just a first test,” meaning she would be cosplaying her again and improving it too. 

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