Overwatch Name Change Like Cole Cassidy
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How To Change Your ‘Overwatch’ Name For Free Like Cole Cassidy

If you’ve restlessly been waiting to figure out how to change your Overwatch name for free, we got good news for you.

All Overwatch players can change their names without spending a single dime, after Cole Cassidy’s name change from Jesse McCree. Here’s how you can change your Overwatch name for free, even if you have done it before.

How To Change Your Overwatch Name For Free

You get one free name change when you create an account on Battle.Net to play Overwatch or any other Blizzard titles.

If you have already used your account’s free Battle.Net name change, you’d need to fill a ticket for Blizzard support before Nov. 5. Here’s how you can do that.

  • Head straight to the Battle.Net support site and file a ticket.
  • Go to Overwatch > Account > Free BattleTag change request.
  • Get your free change request. This could take about four weeks to process.
  • You can change your BattleTag for free when your request is approved.

The next step involves going into your Battle.Net profile to change your name for free.

  • Log into your Battle.Net profile.
  • Go to Account Details, and scroll down to the BattleTag section.
  • Change your BattleTag and save.

Even if you do not want to change your Overwatch name at the moment, it is a good idea to take advantage of the promotion and get a free name change request for the future. However, it is worth mentioning here that you shouldn’t stockpile free name change tokens. 

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