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Hololive’s latest member IRyS makes the biggest debut in VTuber history

The latest entrant in the popular VTuber group Hololive is a VSinger named IRyS. She made the biggest debut in history with about 100,000 concurrent viewers on YouTube.

Hololive has over 50 creators under their banner. Japanese companies took YouTube by storm with their idols. The self-proclaimed talent agency manages over 50 virtual creators, all of which are garnering huge popularity only, including the latest members, IRyS.

The company describes IRyS as half-demon, half-angel. She has been sent to “deliver hope” to people through her lyrics, songs, and determination, per Dexerto. Her debut stream suggests that the masses can’t get enough of her. Even before her first stream went live, she had about 250,000 subscribers on YouTube.

The number of subscribers increased as more than 100,000 people tuned in to see her first stream, and she didn’t disappoint. After introducing herself, IRyS went on to impress her viewers. Aside from talking about herself, she performed a song, which was perfect considering that she is a part of their new vocal group called Project HOPE.

Although she is not as popular as Gawr Gura at the moment, it was still the biggest debut in VTuber history. Moreover, she is the first member of Hololive’s Project HOPE, a new generation of talent bent on restoring hope to the world. A slew of other characters are likely to follow in her footsteps, and the collaborations that happen between them will be worth watching.

Much to the delight of fans, there’s no dearth of IRyS’ content on her official YouTube channel, and Twitter, where she has 200,000 followers.

Sana Khan

Sana Khan

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