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‘GTA Online’ Community Reveals How Rockstar Could Improve The Game

Grand Theft Auto fans want the gang feature from classic GTA to get introduced in GTA Online mode.

Grand Auto Theft has had a massive fan base since the beginning. While a large chunk of the following wish the Rockstar Games to release GTA 6. There are many other people enjoying the  Online mode.

Players Want Classic GTA Gang Feature In New GTA Online Game Mode


The multiplayer side of Grand Theft Auto 5 is now a decade old. However, the game developers are adding new content to the online game every now and then. The most recent addition to the GTA Online mode brought Franklin and Lamar back to a GTA Online story.

Regarding this, there are many Grand Theft Auto fans who suggest that Rockstar should dig into the ideas and features from older games. They can use the previous ideas in a contemporary manner and one idea from San Andreas may be perfect, as per Dexerto.

This idea was originally given out by a Reddit user named TONEakaSHOW33. The person suggested that GTA Online can have gang territories – otherwise known as turfs – from GTA: San Andreas. This addition could prove beneficial for GTA Online.

Talking about this one fan said, “I’d be super down for dynamic gang areas that could be influenced by players.” Another one said, “Yes make that happen please Rockstar. Joinable gangs with colored clothes that give you bonuses, multiple ways to walk or shoot your weapons.” Apart from this, one said, “Yes! I just started playing GTA5 and I really miss this.”

Those who played San Andreas know it is important to clean off the group of enemies in an area. When you do that, then you can take over that area and slowly expand your reach in the entire city. If the player has a gang along, the opposition doesn’t bother much.

As a result, some users have suggested it can be introduced to GTA Online which could replace the Gang Attacks.

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