‘GTA’ Fans Claim Shroud Secretly Plays On NoPixel Server


GTA fans believe Shroud is covertly playing on GTA RP NoPixel server.

The NoPixel RP server has become Twitch’s breeding ground for content in 2021, and some hawk-eyed viewers claim they have found evidence that Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek has secretly been taking part in the GTA V shenanigans.

Even seven years after release, Grand Theft Auto V is an extremely popular game for casual players as well as content creators. The open-world sandbox title has been able to retain its popularity on YouTube and Twitch largely due to its RP (roleplay) servers.

Roleplaying in GTA enables streamers to create any content they can imagine, and there are Twitch communities formed based on this concept. NoPixel is the largest GTA V RP server, offering a slew of roles for players to take on, coupled with limitless opportunities for content creation.

After the NoPixel 3.0 update, many popular content creators picked it up, and as a result, the server rose to huge popularity. xQc, Forsen, and other streamers have been streaming their NoPixel gameplay for quite a while now, but some viewers on Twitch claim Shroud is active on the server too but is playing in secret.

On Feb. 19, content creator PENTA came across two other characters in a nearby car when he was streaming his NoPixel gameplay. The streamer, who was roleplaying as a police officer asked the car’s driver, “Where’d you steal that car?”

“I stole nothing, sir,” the character replied. PENTA’s Twitch chat exploded when the second player started talking as his viewers pointed out that the other player sounded like shroud. Meanwhile, viewers speculated whether or not the character actually was the Canadian streamer or just someone who sounded like him.

The conversation lasted for about a minute, while viewers continued to claim this character was Shroud in disguise. “it can’t not be him,” one user noted.

The clip was also shared on Reddit, and some GTA community members mapped out the timeline involving the streamer and the NoPixel server. “Shroud made his character on the 4th day or so on stream and never played again, and Esfand brought back Cletus the 5th or 6th day so probably [it was him],” one player said.

Shroud spotted on No Pixel? from r/LivestreamFail

Another user noted that Shroud told his community he did not want to stream any NoPixel gameplay to avoid other players focusing too much on him. This could explain why the popular streamer may have decided to join the server off-stream.

Shroud wasn’t streaming GTA V at the time, however, the person from PENTA’s clip sounded like him. While there is no way to know for sure whether or not the player was really him, Shroud could make an official return to the NoPixel sever soon.

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