GTA 6 News: Did Rockstar Games Spill The Beans On GTA 6’s Release Date?

The long-awaited GTA 5 successor dubbed GTA 6 has been floating around the rumor mill for quite some time now. There are no prizes for guessing that the purported game has also been subject to all sorts of leaks.

But that’s understandable, given that Rockstar Games has released 15 versions of the game since 1997 and its high time the New York-based video game publisher answered the prayers of the GTA’s huge fanbase.

It’s been six years since GTA 5 was made available to Grand Theft Auto fans, who are now waiting with bated breath for the next installment in the popular series. While Rockstar Games’ hiring report suggests the company is developing GTA 6, there hasn’t been any sort of official confirmation yet.

Rockstar Games continues to keep details about the long-rumored game under wraps but recently organized a large-scale employee hiring campaign. Apparently, the company is hiring technical developers, senior rank workers, and face structure developers.

While this could also imply that Rockstar is hard at works on a brand new IP game, previously surfaced reports suggest otherwise. The company is looking to hire someone who can “create next-generation worlds for some exciting upcoming projects.” Given that GTA 6 will have bigger maps, this makes a lot of sense.

There’s hearsay that GTA 6 could be set in London, Vice City and the United States. Interestingly, some reports claim the sixth installment will have a female lead protagonist.

The delayed release of GTA 6 has been attributed to the current change in politics. It is imperative for the writer and developers to ensure that the upcoming game doesn’t come across as sexist or hurt a race or gender.

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