Genshin Impact’s New Geo Buffs Can Be Used Even Without Zhongli

Genshin Impact Update 1.3

Genshin Impact’s recently rolled out 1.3 updates buffed Zhongli and the entire Geo element. For those unaware, players without him can take advantage of the buffs.

The Genshin Impact 1.3 update introduced multiple changes, in addition to events as well as new content for players. One of the patch notes featured the 5-star Geo character, Zhongli, who made his first appearance in version 1.1 but received backlash.

Much to the relief of Genshin Impact players, the latest patch fixes a slew of problems with the character, giving Zhongli multiple buffs. To make sure players who don’t have Zhongli feel left out, Genshin Impact’s latest update buffed the entire Geo element.

Prior to the update, the Geo element focused mainly on defensive play, encouraging the use of shields. Noelle, and other characters that are part of this element, and the Geo-aligned Traveler, reflected this since their combat involved making crystal shards for shields using the Crystalize reaction or generating rock structures to offer extra cover.

In other words, Geo was left behind by various other elements the offered more buffs and reactions that boost damage output.

Unlocking the main character’s Geo abilities

With Genshin Impact’s latest update, Geo underwent a radical overhaul, increasing the usability of the element in combat. Aside from Zhongli, other characters of the Geo element benefited from the update.

As a result, players who have had Geo characters standing on the sidelines will not be able to finally use them more effectively while building their Genshin Impact team.

Using Genshin Impact’s Geo buffs to your advantage

Genshin Impact Geo Buffs

Before Genshin Impact update 1.3 was made available to the players, Geo’s Elemental Resonance offered a negligible 15 percent boost in damage to a character who was protected by a shield. According to Mihoyo’s patch notes, it now provides a 15 percent increase in shield strength, in addition to the previous 15 percent damage increase.

On top of that, enemies will see a 20 percent decrease if hit by shielded characters, and the effect will remain for 15 seconds. All players need now to increase their survivability and deal more Geo damage is having two Geo characters on their team, along with a shield up.

The latest update also changed how the game’s Geo shields work. Before the patch, shields provided a 250 percent Geo damage absorption, but now they absorb 150 percent physical damage, as well as, 150 percent elemental damage, all around.

So, Noelle and other Geo characters that focus on generating shields are more useful, given that shields now protect more against attacks, aside from Geo. If you have been struggling with bosses or the Spiral Abyss, you can now use shields to give them a more defensive edge in battle.

With Geo element receiving a notable buff, the room for experimentation with the element has widened. Players who did not get Zhongli during the 1.1 updates should not feel left out anymore, considering that other Geo characters are now only as useful as the 5-star Zhongli character himself. Stay tuned here for the latest gaming news.

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