Gearbest Launches COVID-19 Must-Haves Promotions; Get Essential Products At Lowered Prices

Gearbest has launched a new promotion dubbed Cool Collections, Update Weekly!

The recently launched promotion several other promos such as New Coming Promotions, Most Popular Promotions, Global Launch Promotions, Top Brand Promotions, Cellphone Promotions, and so on. We will be checking out the COVID-19 Must-Haves Promotions as it comprises a slew of essential items that you need to ensure your safety, as well as the safety of your loved ones.

The COVID-19 Must-Haves promo is split into three different categories to simplify and expedite the search process.

Non-contact Thermometers for Fever

Non-contact Thermometers

In these unprecedented times, when maintaining a safe distance in crowded places is necessary, keeping a track of your family member’s well-being is equally important. To tell whether or not a person has a fever, you need contactless thermometers, but they aren’t easy on the pocketbook.

Gearbest is offering a wide range of budget contactless thermometers under the Non-contact Thermometers for Fever section, allowing you to measure the temperature without cross-infection or emptying your pocket. You can follow this link to visit the promo page.
Non-contact Thermometers for Fever

Must-Have For Novel Coronavirus Prevention

Must-Have For Novel Coronavirus Prevention


Wearing a face mask is very important when it comes to protecting yourself and your family members against COVID-19. Until someone tests positive for coronavirus, it is hard to determine whether or not that person has been infected, meaning, the only way to keep yourself safe is by wearing a face mask as it stops the respiratory droplets from an infected person.

As part of the Must-Have For Novel Coronavirus Prevention promo, Gearbest is offering several options to suit your needs and fit inside your budget. The face masks have carefully been placed under specific categories including Surgical Masks with Melt-blown Layer, N95 Masks Wholesale in Bulk, Mask Ship To Brazil, and so on.

The Must-Haves section comprises the best thermometers that let you check for flu fever and a slew of other corona symptoms. Aside from that, it offers safety goggles and disposable gloves at reasonable prices. You can visit this link to place your order and take advantage of the promotion.

Must-Have For Novel Coronavirus Prevention

Work At Home

Work At Home

As a result of the global pandemic, employees have been asked to work from their homes. While this makes a lot of sense considering working from office could trigger a wave of coronavirus infection within the office. Working from home requires you to have a few essential gadgets and devices that usually don’t come cheap.

Gearbest has introduced the Work At Home promo that offers home office supplies for setting-up your workplace at home without spending a lot of money. The promo enables you to get your hands on devices such as HD USB webcams, laptop stands for desk bed couch, a myriad of wireless gears such as a mouse, memory card, Bluetooth headphones, network adapters, and keyboard at lowered prices.

To check out more details and avail of the discounts, all you need to do is to follow this link without wasting time. Work At Home

Check out the video below for full details about the COVID-19 Must-Haves Promotions.

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