G2 Jungler Jankos Banned From Twitch For Reasons Unknown

G2 jungler Jankos

Marcin ‘Jankos’ Jankoski was unexpectedly banned from Twitch on Feb. 16, and no one seems to know why.

The long-term G2 esports jungler is one of the most seasoned veterans on G2’s League of Legends team. The jungler started playing the game professionally in 2013 and has been with his current team for over three years, since Dec. 2017.

Just like most popular LoL players, he streams on Twitch too. On Tuesday, it was announced that Jankos was temporarily banned, and no one seems to know the reason the ban had been imposed. A lot of people speculated that the ban was due to him using copyrighted music.

Others suggested that the ban could be a result of an inadvertent violation of the streaming platform’s ToS, probably from a graphic YouTube thumbnail or some other image that broke Twitch’s rule during the stream. While these are mere speculations, the pro himself did not explain why he wouldn’t be streaming but informed fans on Twitter that the ban will be lifted after 24 hours.

“Banned for 24h,” Jankoski tweeted after the news broke. “I’ll be back on Thursday. Reformed of course.”

Just hours before the ban was imposed, rumors surfaced that Janko was trying to change the NA scene soon, and although he denied the rumors on Twitter, some fans joked that the ban was actually due to Twitch getting fed up with the streamer’s Nidalee spears.

It remains to be seen whether or not the Pole heads to NA or not, but at least we know he will be back on Twitch soon. Watch this space for the latest gaming and esports news.

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