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Fortnite’s Plain White Shirt Sells At Absurdly Expensive Price Of $1000

Balenciaga has collaborated with Epic Games and created a plain white button-down Fortnite shirt that costs $1000.

American video game company Epic Games has partnered with Balenciaga, a luxury fashion house to create Fortnite clothing.

This isn’t the first time that clothing companies have collaborated with video game companies. Previously, Pokemon Company and Original Stitch released a line of 151 custom Pokemon dress shirts based on the original generation from the Pokemon franchise. However, those shirts ranged from $100 up.

The apparel consists of real-life shirts, baseball caps, logo tees, hoodies, jackets, and hats. All these apparel will have Fortnite and Balenciaga logos inscribed on them.

The pieces are available in black, white, and red colorways. Most of the attire looks quite simple, however, it’s quite expensive.

List of Fortnite Apparel

The Fortnite 2021 Shirt Large Fit is a plain white button-down shirt with a Fortnite and Balenciaga logo at the chest. It is priced at $995. The shirt also has a piece of text written on the back.

According to Game Rant, Fortnite t-shirts with similar designs can be found on Walmart’s website for under $20.

Now coming to the baseball cap which costs $395. It consists of the creators’ logos with “Retail Row” spelled out in various languages. There’s also a white hoodie for $725.

Although the market for the clothing is small, the players will end up purchasing something due to their interest in the brand and game.

Fortnite’s apparel will be up for grabs from tomorrow online and in select stores, though gamers can buy the Balenciaga Fit Set in Fortnite at a fraction of the real-world cost.

Interested players can visit Balenciaga in-game at the Strange Times Featured Hub, where the brand’s virtual store will display a living look book featuring the gaming community’s looks. You can head straight to this link to get your hands on the plain white Fortnite shirt.

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