Foldable Xiaomi Mi Mix Backside Revealed In Leaked Photos

Foldable Xiaomi Mi Mix_faetured

A foldable prototype with Xiaomi UI surfaced online earlier this year. A slew of more spy shots has been spotted, giving us a glimpse of the backside of the device.

The leaked device is expected to be a part of the Mi Mix lineup, featuring the internal fold, according to GSM Arena. This is similar to the Galaxy Fold series and the Huawei Mate X2.

The images only reveal the mold of the phone and the screen isn’t visible. Aside from that, there is a triple camera setup, but since it is a mere placeholder, the final design is likely to change. The horizontal alignment of the shooters, however, might remain the same.

It is surprising to see the Mix logo return, considering the last phone from that series that ever hit the store shelves was the Mi Mix 3 more than two years ago. The series is usually associated with phones that are one step ahead of the conventional design.

There is a possibility that these images are an outcome of someone’s hopes. While Xiaomi is indeed working on a foldable device, this doesn’t set anything in stone.

Image Credit: sparrowsnews

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