Foldable iPhone: Apple Orders Foldable Displays From Samsung

Foldable iPhone

While Samsung and Motorola are already going toe-to-toe in the foldable smartphone segment, Apple seems to be struggling to keep up with the tech titans.

Apple is primarily behind because both Samsung and Motorola have now launched their second-generation foldable smartphones, while the Cupertino based company is still nowhere in the race. The company’s absence in the segment does not suggest it doesn’t plan to mark its foray into the foldable smartphone realm.

Much to the delight of those waiting for Apple to launch a foldable phone with bated breath, the company has filed a patent about a foldable iPhone. An interesting post on Weibo claims that Apple recently ordered a large number of foldable displays from South Korean phone maker, Samsung.

foldable iPhone

If the aforesaid post is anything to go by, displays are samples for multiple prototype designs. It is worth noting this does not guarantee that Apple will be unveiling a foldable iPhone shortly.

Apple has a reputation for exploring several new products and product designs that do not necessarily end up hitting the store shelves. For the sake of an instance, the company was toying with the concept of introducing a branded HDTV but abandoned the initiative.

Having said that, it is not unlikely for Apple to introduce a foldable iPhone at some point in the future, given that Samsung has garnered noteworthy success in the area over the last year and a half. Although the original Galaxy Fold didn’t quite appeal to smartphone enthusiasts, the newer Galaxy Z Flip proved to be a highly appealing and intriguing handset.

Keeping in line with that, leaker Jon Prosser hinted that Apple was working on a foldable phone earlier this year. Prosser teased “round, stainless steel edges,” coupled with “two separate display panels on a hinge” similar to the iPhone 11 design.

A foldable phone would mark a significant design shift for iPhones since its initial debut. Details about the purported foldable iPhone are still few and far between, and we advise our readers to take these speculations with a grain of salt.

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