Facebook Replaces The Explore Button With The Instagram Reels Button

Instagram Reels

Instagram Reel: After making Instagram Reels available to a few users in India last month, Facebook is now rolling out its TikTok rival app.

The new update that replaces the explore button, moving it next to the DMs (direct messages) button on the top bar, isn’t striking the right chord with everyone. Introducing the Reels function led to the removal of one of the main navigations buttons, explore.

This makes sense from Instagram’s point of view because it would fancy having its newest feature where users normally go to discover more content. On the downside, this means OG users would need to change their habits.

“It’s so inconvenient now,” a regular Instagram user told Business Insider. “This button to explore is now up above next to the direct message, and that’s going to take time to get used to,” the frequent use of the app complained.

Some users prefer the old format, where the first square in Explore was Reel, where the rest were normal Instagram posts. “I feel like only a person who’s a TikTok-lover will like this,” another user said explaining how short-format videos were not what they want to see while using Instagram.

On top of that, the button t create a new post does not open up the camera directly anymore, but instead, it brings up a menu from which users can choose their next action. Facebook is understandably taking advantage of TikTok’s absence in the market, and giving its short video streaming app another shot.

Facebook adopted this format with Lasso but was largely unsuccessful. Several Instagram users are worried that the app may not remain the photography platform that they love. The update is being rolled out for all users across the country on both Android and iOS.

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