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Elon Musk: US Nationwide Starlink Rollout Coming By The End Of October

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk tweeted that a US nationwide rollout for satellite internet service Starlink begins by the end of this month.

Starlink is a satellite internet constellation that provides satellite Internet access to most of the Earth. It is currently serving 100,000 users across a dozen countries, including the US.

However, the system has a backlog of over 500,000 users still waiting to try out the satellite broadband service. Elon said that the beta phase of Starlink will end in October.

Elon Musk Talks About US Nationwide Starlink Rollout

On Thursday, a Twitter used question Elon about the rollout in southern states such as Louisiana and Texas.

Musk replied to the user that there should be a nationwide rollout by end of the month. He added that they are still limited by the peak number of users in the same area. However, he said that it will improve as more satellites are launched.

Later, Elon wrote another tweet in which he said that the low to medium population density is the target market of Starlink. This means that they can reach maximum users in some areas fast.

According to data from Ookla, Starlink is behind Speedtest. In other words, there are still wide gaps when it comes to Starlink’s coverage.

US Starlink users location

He requested people sign up early to ensure a spot. He concluded that as more satellites roll out, SpaceX will be able to serve more.

A pre-order for Starlink will cost $99. Interested users can place an order on the company’s official website.

SpaceX is preparing to boost production of the Starlink dish terminal with a new version that’s easier to manufacture. This will help them attract more customers. These new dishes are about to arrive later this year, as per PCMag India.

It’s not that only US citizens can avail services of Starlink. Recently, a report said that Starlink will offer broadband service in India.

SpaceX is currently waiting for approval from the Indian government for 200,000 active terminals. The terminals will be provided in India by December 2022.

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