Elon Musk Says Tesla Will Not Reduce Model 3 Price To Lure More Buyers

Elon Musk Model 3

Elon Musk realizes that it is important to offer an inexpensive, yet impressive range of products in a bid to ramp up sales figures, and the Tesla CEO has been vocal about his plan to have a product that is smaller, more affordable as compared to the Model 3, which is currently Tesla’s cheapest offering.

Keeping in line with that, he once again has clarified that the price of Model 3 will not be reduced in an attempt to lure buyers, and instead, the California-based company will come up with a car smaller to it but can be touted as a more affordable alternative for those who aren’t willing to spend a fortune on a high-end electric car.

Tesla is the leader in the electric personal mobility segment, and its cars have become iconic in modern times. On the downside, they aren’t a great choice for budget-conscious buyers, although Model 3 has been able to conquer the mass-market EV segment to a major extent.

Despite all sorts of challenges, sales figures have been climbing and the Tesla CEO might now be considering offering a brand new product that’s more affordable than any other offering the California-based electric vehicle and clean energy company has rolled out thus far.

Musk has said that two separate new vehicle programs are being lined up in Shanghai and Berlin, and the burning question popping inside everyone’s head is not really what but when even though Musk has given a timeline of about three years.

Tesla is currently busy with rolling out Model Y SUVs and will soon drive-in the highly sought after Cybertruck, which will be followed by the Roadster, Tesla Semi, and an electric truck. The schedule and the impending product lineups hint at a long wait for those waiting with bated breath for the smallest Tesla ever.

On the flip side though, Musk might adopt an unconventional business style and spring a surprise when least expected. Moreover, he is aware that Volkswagen and other rivals are upping the game, and to stay ahead, compact and cheaper EVs are needed.

Despite the lack of a schedule confirmation, a more affordable EV from Tesla may be made available to the public sooner rather than later. Watch this space for the latest Elon Musk news and updates.

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