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Elon Musk Says Apple’s CEO Refused To Talk About Acquiring Tesla

Elon Musk is accusing Apple chief executive Tim Cook of avoiding the takeover deal.

Elon Musk, in his tweet, said Apple CEO Tim Cook snubbed talks to purchase Tesla back in 2017. He admitted that he reached out to the Apple boss during the darkest days of his California-based electric car company.

Tesla was valued at $60 billion at the time, but the company has grown significantly to be worth ten times the aforesaid amount. Musk said he had planned to talk about a possible sale of his electric vehicle manufacturing company to the tech behemoth, considering that it was struggling financially while designing its Model 3 electric car.

During that cash crisis, Musk told his employees that its factory was facing what he described as “production hell.” A few days after this statement, he tweeted about sleeping on the roof of the factory while trying to fix production bottlenecks. Much to his relief, not only was the company able to overcome the problem, but it also posted a string of quarterly profits.

This week, Tesla became one of the most valuable companies to mark its foray into the S&P 500 index. The Cupertino-based tech giant, on the other hand, has its own ambitions of building an electric car.

Apple has hired several former Tesla executives and has bought companies that specialize in self-driving technology. Reports suggesting that Apple is working on a driverless car seem to have prompted the billionaire entrepreneur to tweet about his earlier approach to Cook in 2017.

“He refused to take the meeting”, Musk replied to a Twitter chain on a tweet suggesting that Apple is gearing up to make a passenger vehicle by 2024. It also appears that the company will adopt a new battery technology for its passenger vehicle. Watch this space for the latest business news.

Vinay Patel

Vinay Patel

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