Elon Musk Posts A Cute Picture With Son X Æ A-XII To His Twitter Account

Elon Musk Son

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk took to his Twitter account to post an adorable picture with his son.

Elon Musk’s shared a cute picture with son X Æ A-XII on his Twitter account, prompting his followers to post all sorts of comments. “The Second Last Kingdom,” the SpaceX CEO captioned the picture, which shows him sitting on what looks like a bed while speaking on his mobile phone and holding his baby boy with one hand.

The post garnered over a whopping 4.5 lakh likes and the numbers are only increasing, and it has received tons of comments. Some of the commenters joked that X Æ A-XII is urging his dad to pay attention to him rather than speak on the phone.


“So adorable,” one Twitterati wrote in the comments section. “Play with me talk on phone later,” wrote another. “This is awesome,” wrote a third.

The unique name of X Æ A-XII took the internet by storm after he was born, with some people genuinely wondering how to even pronounce the name. In an interview with PEOPLE Magazine, Musk quenched their curiosity by revealing the right way to pronouncing his son’s name.

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