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Dream Mocks Frank Ocean’s Met Gala Appearance With A Robot Baby

Minecraft YouTuber Dream made fun of artist Frank Ocean’s suit and a robot baby that he carried at the 2021 Met Gala red carpet.

Dream is a popular content creator with 26.1 million subscribers on YouTube. He has never revealed his face on-screen and uses a cartoon smiley face figure as his avatar. He usually dons a bright green hoodie.

In an interview, he had mentioned his plans for a face reveal. However, this hasn’t happened yet. Although in one of his posts, fans had got a glimpse of his hair.

Dream Makes Fun Of Frank Ocean’s Outfit At The Met Gala

At the annual Met Gala, several celebrities, artists, and influencers come dressed in notable pieces from the world’s greatest designers.

Frank Ocean was one of those guests for the fashion event. He came to the red carpet wearing a Prada suit while carrying ‘Movie Magic,’ the green baby hardwired to move, on his arm.

The green baby in his hand reminded people of Dream. The Minecraft YouTuber also had something to say about Ocean’s appearance.

“If anyone sees this man please let me know. He stole my baby from me,” Dream wrote on Twitter. Later fans jokingly accentuated that the two shared a similar smile.

Frank Ocean brought with him the ‘Dreamcore’ hat, about Dreamworks studio. There seemed to be little connection between Dream and Ocean’s appearance at the Met.

Fans began reacting to both Ocean’s choice of accessories to the Met Ball, as well as Dream claiming to be the parent of the green electronic baby.

A plethora of popular personalities have attended this fashion event and many of their appearances were made fun of.

Kim Kardashian arrived clad in an all-black outfit, which covered her face and hands as well. Later, Netizens juxtaposed her outfit to infamous Warzone skin.

Rahul Macwan

Rahul Macwan

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