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Dream accuses Hasan of spreading outright lies about him in now-deleted tweet

Known for highly engaging Minecraft content and speedrun videos, Dream accused Twitch star Hasan ‘HasanAbi’ Piker of spreading “outright lies” about him over his collaboration with discredited Minecraft creator Markus ‘Notch’ Persson dating back to Jan. 2020.

Dream has been making headlines all week; first with his apology for cheating during his 2020 Minecraft speedruns, and for issues related to his ever-expanding fandom.

Hasan recently took aim at Dream for collaborating with disgraced Minecraft founder Markus Persson, who is better known as Notch.

Taking the issue to fans, Hasan tried to cancel Karl Jacobs “for being an Ice Poseidon fan at some point” and defending Dream after he made a viral video with the controversial Persson. The video garnered more than 18 million views.

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“Attacking your favorite content creators and writing massive threads about how it’s problematic to bring up slavery in any capacity in a video game roleplay scenario is ridiculous,” he said.

“This, just having Notch on a video like this with 16 million views, is significantly worse. I can’t even,” the Twitch star continued. “This dude has been an avowed, out and about white supremacist transphobe for so long.”

Dream, who was watching the stream, accused Hasan of “spreading misinformation as well as bringing up [out of context] things,” adding the streamer’s antics were “hilarious”.

“Just say you’re anti your friends being held accountable instead of saying that BS.”

Dream tweet

The tweet was later taken down by Dream. He doubled down saying, “they can feel free to DM me if they have issues rather than spreading outright lies,” and Hassan took him up on that offer.

Dream invited Hassan onto his stream and quickly changed his tone. He even apologized to Hasan in front of thousands live on Twitch.

“I’m sorry for the tweet. That was stupid. That was just me being an idiot. I was watching your stream and I was like ‘ah this f**king a**hole.’,” Dream said.

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“My only thing was ‘oh he’s bringing up something I apologized for’ and not mentioning the apology, so people who are now being introduced to this would see it without the context.”

The dispute ended with the two having an in-depth conversation on stream afterward. Dream has also deleted the video with Persson from his YouTube channel.


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