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Dr Disrespect To Team Up With NFL Legends Jerry Rice And Steve Young For A Special Charity Stream

Dr Disrespect, NFL Superbowl winners Jerry Rice and Steve Young will take part in a special charity stream.

Dr Disrespect on Jan. 28 tweeted a San Francisco 49ers helmet, which he received, which was signed by Rice and Young. “When you’re ready for a look into my world, you know how to reach me,” Doc wrote in the caption section of the picture, adding his famous “yaya” line.

Young replied to Doc’s suggestion mere moments later, realizing the best time to delve into the world of momentum, speed and violence was right then and there. “Doc, let’s say we make this happen Saturday? My son and I are hosting a charity stream. Think you got what it takes?” he asked the Two Time.

Even before Doc could answer the call, another former NFL star, Jerry Rice joined the conversation, noting that he wanted to be a part of the streaming shenanigans. “I want in!!!” he wrote, not wanting to be left out.

With that, Dr Disrespect finally answered, saying that come Saturday at 5 PM PT he would see them, presumingly in the arena. This stream will probably be a part of Young’s “24-hour charity blitz” event for his Forever Young Foundation.

Moreover, it seems like they will be playing EA Sports Madden 21, considering Young used an EASports hashtag in his announcement. The Forever Young Foundation was founded back in 1993, and it serves children facing physical, emotional, and financial challenges by offering them academic, athletic, and therapeutic opportunities that are currently unavailable to them.

This isn’t the first time Dr Disrespect has got involved in charity. In June last year, he announced that all stream donations for that month would go to charities. Just 23 days later, he was banned for still-unknown reasons.

We will need to wait until Saturday to find out if Doc will be able to hold his own against two of the football’s greatest stars while raising money for charity in the process. Watch this space for the latest e-sports news.

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Sana Khan

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