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Dr Disrespect Takes U-Turn On Viral ‘Apex Legends’ Outburst

It’s known that Dr. Disrespect has a love-hate relationship with Apex Legends. According to the two-time, after his latest outburst went viral in the battlefield community, he has a penchant for Respawn’s franchise game.

Dr. Disrespect said that he hates the game and it’s boring. He had uploaded a video in which he was flaming super popular Respawn’s battle royale. In the video, he said that no one wants to watch the game and declared playing the title “makes him want to cry.”

Now, the two-time has decided to pour oil on troubled waters with Apex Legends fans on the eve of Season 10’s release. Ahead of the game’s season 10 release, the Twitch streamer claimed that he loves the game, per Dexerto.

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Although Dr. Disrespect didn’t exactly apologize for his outburst, he did admit that it was mistaken. He had also claimed that Apex Legends will never be a top-tier e-sports title.

The Two-Time said that in the Apex Legends game, in the heat of the moment, he spoke his mind. The popular YouTuber further added that everyone in the Arena knew that he was enjoying himself with Apex Legends and that he was having a good time.

The Doc also said that in a time where rivals like Warzone and Fortnite are flagging in the gaming scene, he sees Apex Legends as a breath of fresh air.

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The popular streamer explained that the reason for his outbursts – many of which have gone viral – isn’t because he loathes those games, but because he wants to see an improvement in the franchise.

He said that if he’s playing a game but not tweeting about it or yelling then it’s an indication that he didn’t like the game.

Dr. Disrespect admitted that he plays the game off-stream and he is looking forward to season 10. He said that he is excited with new map changes and Seer on the way.

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