Dr Disrespect slams YouTube Gaming for lacking Twitch-like features

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Dr Disrespect slammed YouTube’s live streaming service after he was asked why he could not clip a highlight while playing Warzone games with ZLaner.

After the Doc was banned from Twitch in June last year, it was clear that he doesn’t plan to return to the platform. The Champions Club members weren’t sure where he would be streaming next.

The rumor mill started churning out speculations surrounding his own platform. The two-time headed straight for YouTube and even experienced a lot of success.

While he is still not allowed on Twitch, Dr Disrespect makes an accidental appearance sometimes. He refrains from mentioning his previous home, but fans made connections with the Amazon-owned platform after he fired some shots at YouTube.

During his May 19 stream, the Doc tag-teamed with ZLaner in Warzone. The Canadian gaming video creator found himself alone and made a highlight play to survive.

ZLaner asked his partner why he could not clip the YouTube stream to celebrate the play. “You can’t do anything on YouTube!” the Doc explained.

“You can’t do anything on YouTube, Z. It’s underdeveloped right now. It’s very underdeveloped for live streaming,” he added.

“The big announcement they made recently was like the chat can be subscriber-only chat. I mean, that’s an idea from 1999! What are we getting excited about man?”

ZLaner went on to ask why YouTube doesn’t allow gifted subs like Twitch, but the Doc wasn’t sure either. However, he noted that it is pretty easy to do.

YouTube does not allow some channels to do clipping. Although it is being rolled out further and further, you have to be a partner and Dr Disrespect isn’t.

YouTube-only streamers have asked for some Twitch-like features including emotes and an improved directory. It remains to be seen if their requests will be heard.

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