Dr Disrespect Says Self-Revive Should Be Removed From ‘Call of Duty: Warzone’

Dr Disrespect ZLaner

Dr Disrespect and Warzone streamer ZLaner suffered a close defeat to a team using self-revive kits, leading the two-time to call for the items to be removed from Call of Duty: Warzone.

Call of Duty: Warzone allows players to get unique loadouts, as well as gear that suits their playstyle. Every veteran Warzone player wants to make sure their inventory includes a self-revive kit, considering using it at the right time can help them win an intense game on Verdansk.

However, the other team, who are likely to feel they have been robbed of a win, the self-revive items can be extremely annoying. On Feb. 12, during a Duos vs. Trios stream, Dr Disrespect voiced his frustration about these powerful items after he and his teammate lost to a team of players using used self-revive kits, and managed to sneak out a victory against the highly skilled duo.

After being eliminated by a player, he thought he had already killed, ZLaner said he was taken out by a self-revived opponent. “They all have self[-revive], f**king every one of them,” the Facebook gaming streamer said, sarcastically adding that “It’s a great addition to the game.”

Doc agreed, saying, “Self-revive man . . . It’s just unbelievable.” After thinking for a moment, the Doc explained how he thinks these items should be handled in Warzone: “First off, I think they should take self-revive out of solos, number one.”

“Number two, out of all the modes I think they only keep them in duos. That’s the only one,” the two-time confirmed. He and ZLaner agreed that self-revives should be removed from trios and quads as well, with duos being the only playlist where the legendary streamer thinks it might be worth keeping.

The self-revive mechanic has been a part of the game since Warzone’s release and is also present in other battle royales such as Apex Legends. Dr Disrespect is not the first streamer to voice his complaint about allowing players to self-revive in a BR.

Content creator Shivam ‘ShivFPS’ Patel made waves when he criticized self-revive mechanics in Apex Legends, claiming it ruined the integrity of competitive tournaments. It remains to be seen whether or not Activision and Raven Software will make some changes in the self-revive mechanic in Warzone, considering they have faced quite a few complaints from the game’s community regarding the item.

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