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Dr Disrespect Mocks TimTheTatman’s ‘Call of Duty: Vanguard’ Gameplay

Eminent Twitch streamer Dr Disrespect mocked TimTheTatman’s Call of Duty: Vanguard gameplay on stream.

In 2020, Dr Disrespect was banned on Twitch. Thus, he migrated to YouTube and could not play with Tim. Recently, TimTheTatman exited Twitch and decided to join YouTube because he has a family and it was difficult for him to stream as much as he did beforehand.

On knowing about Tim’s exit, The Two Time welcomed Tim on YouTube. Now both got the opportunity to play together. TimTheTatman got the latest CoD version and decided to try it out.

However, the gaming session didn’t go well and he ended up facing criticism from The Two Time. Tim felt defeated. He wasn’t happy with whom he was matched up against in the lobby.

Doc asked Tim that who is he afraid of. The Two Time further said that if Tim is afraid of Swagg then he would bury it and cut him down fast.

When the two began playing the game, Doc mocked Tim’s weapon of choice, control setup, and his kill-death ratio. Doc exclaimed that Tim is just two and eleven.

He further stated that Tim isn’t doing anything important. He also accentuated that Tim’s kill-death ratio is less than one.

Tim simply pointed out that he was playing against FaZe Swagg. Doc said, “Oh my God, do you hear him? How many times, Tim? What do you mean, it’s not fair? Wake up!”

Doc told Tim not to stay in the same spot or he would be gunned down. The Two Time would’ve praised Tim if he would secure frags with grenades or capture an objective.

After exiting Twitch, Tim said that he is happy to join Dr Disrespect on YouTube. On his first YouTube broadcast, Tim revealed that he missed playing with Doc.

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