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Dr Disrespect Isn’t Impressed By The First ‘Halo Infinite’ Tech Preview

The first Halo Infinite tech preview failed to make an impression on Dr Disrespect, and the Two-Time criticized the budget for Microsoft’s upcoming title in his stream. Aside from that, he raised concerns over the current state of the game.

Doc doesn’t shy away from expressing his opinion and although he has been active on Halo Infinite in the past, he was left disappointed when he saw an initial tech preview. On July 29, the first public experience went live. Players were able to test their skills against bots.

However, this tech preview was on an invite-only basis. So, Doc could not try Infinite out for himself. Watching others dive in, “it got [him] thinking.”

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“It’s been six years since Halo 5,” he said. With a rumored “$500 million budget” for Infinite, Doc couldn’t quite figure out why they needed a “tech test.”

“You’re telling me you still need to put out a tech test?” Doc questioned. “I feel like this is something they could have done internally. What are we testing here?”

The footage he saw did not impress him at all. “I’ve gotta be honest,” he continued, “I just don’t know what to think. There was nothing that stood out to me.”

“Halo to me was always the game that I looked forward to that would push the envelope. The gameplay, the map designs, the graphics, all that stuff. It was always ‘what is Halo going to do?’

“But I’m watching these matches and I felt like everyone was just going through the motions. I just don’t think it’s enough.”

“Obviously, I didn’t play,” the Two-Time told his audience. There is a possibility that with some hands-on time, his tune may change, Dexerto noted. Though “just spectating and watching” left him only with concerns.

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“We’re anxious for Halo Infinite because the industry is just so dry. I don’t know why you’d want to put out a public tech test like that. Just makes me think… I hope they do it right with this game.”

He “wasn’t into it” during the first tech preview. Doc suggested that is likely to turn things around. “They need a battle royale,” he pointed out. “They need it.”

Much to the Doc’s delight, a battle royale could be on the way to Halo Infinite; files datamined in the aforesaid tech preview discovered what appears to be a potential BR mode in the works.

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