Dr Disrespect feels Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather might be rigged

Dr Disrespect Logan Paul Floyd Mayweather

Dr Disrespect said he is putting $10,000 on Logan Paul to beat Floyd Mayweather. However, this is not because he thinks the social media star is a better fighter.

It is time for the year’s biggest boxing match, Logan Paul vs. Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather. A lot of people are placing money on the extremely hyped matchup, including the two-time.

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Taking to his Twitter account ahead of the pre-fight festivities, Doc revealed that he had placed 10,000 clams on Logan Paul. However, he does not believe the influencer has a chance at winning.

“I already feel this fight might be rigged,” Doc revealed, before launching into a 5D diagnosis of the situation. “Analyzing everything… I’m putting 10k on Logan. That’s about how much I spend on gas per week.”

Doc feels money on Logan is a safe bet because the fight is “rigged.” This is similar to the accusation leveled against his brother Jake after his knockout win against Ben Askren.

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With a bet of $10,000, Dexerto suggests the Doc could end up winning $40,000, for a total payout of $50,000. This relies on the fact that the fight is rigged because if Doc is wrong, the result will not turn out in his favor.

You can watch the fight at 8 PM EST on June 6. Regardless of whether it is staged or real, you do not want to miss this spectacle.

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