Dr Disrespect Cosplays Agent 47 For ‘Hitman 3’ Stream [Watch]

Dr Disrespect Hitman 3

Dr. Disrespect went bald as part of a bizarre Agent 47 cosplay for Hitman 3 stream.

Hitman 3 was made available to the public on Jan. 20, and many fans are excited for the recently unveiled sequel, including Dr. Disrespect. The Doc got rid of his signature locks during a stream of the game, replacing them with a hairless look meant to resemble Agent 47.

Much to the relief of those concerned that the Two-Time Champion might have got rid of his hair for good for the stream, Comicbook reported it was a bald cap, designed to set the mood. Taking it a step further, Dr. Disrespect could have completed the ensemble with a suit and a tie, but some of his fans might have not recognized him and would have switched to a different stream, instead.

Most of his fans would take a sigh of relief when Dr. Disrespect goes back to his classic look for his next streams, he deserves points for effort. He not only managed to grab the attention of viewers but also was able to build hype for the new game.

For those unaware, Hitman 3 is the latest in IO Interactive’s franchise. The game features some of the biggest contracts Agent 47 has faced, and offer players a myriad of ways to deal with each contract. Subsequent playthroughs open pathways to explore, thanks to the game’s persistent shortcut system.

Fans on PlayStation will be able to check out these contracts in VR. It will be interesting to see whether or not Hitman 3, which has been well-received thus far, will be able to hold Dr. Disrespect’s attention for a long time, considering that he has a reputation for getting frustrated with games quickly.

Considering his commitment to dressing up for the Hitman 3 stream, it looks like he might give this game more time as compared to the time he has given to other games in the past. Hitman 3 is currently up for grabs on PC, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4.

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