Dr Disrespect Comes Up With A Brilliant Idea To Improve Call of Duty: Warzone’s Gulag

dr disrespect call of duty warzone

Dr. Disrespect revealed a brilliant idea for the Call of Duty: Warzone’s Gulag system during a recent live stream.

Dr. Disrespect, in his latest live stream, offered an impressive idea for Call of Duty: Warzone’s Gulag system, which could radically overhaul the way Activision’s hit battle royale is played. Warzone’s Gulag usually offers players an additional shot at a win by bringing them back to life, provided they win a quick 1v1 match.

In the base game modes, however, players get just one shot at redemption. Dr. Disrespect offered an interesting idea that adds a twist to the whole concept. He suggests that the one-and-done feature should be replaced by giving players an opportunity to purchase “another Gulag” for $20,000.”

This will give them another chance to fight for survival, despite expending their first trip to the prison. “I have a multi-million dollar idea that just came to my head, right now, in real-time,” the Doc said. “The ability to buy another Gulag for yourself – costs you $20K”

He did not get into more specifics on the idea, such as whether or not players should be able to purchase it as many times as they like. Nevertheless, this is quite an interesting idea, to say the least.

Although the Gulag hasn’t been a point of contention in the community, with most people admiring how it works, the idea would, without an iota of doubt, change the gameplay. The price might need a slight adjustment, considering that players would be constantly fighting to get enough money each match to spare the price of that extra Gulag.

On the downside, this would exponentially increase the length of matches. The nice point about the current Gulag is that it features a guaranteed cutoff point when it comes to how long a match can take. The new feature suggested by the Doc would effectively change that.

Do you think the idea is likely to see the light of day in any official capacity? Share your thoughts in the comments section below, and watch this space for the latest gaming news.

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