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Dr Disrespect Claims He Is Making Twitch Users Shift To YouTube

Dr Disrespect says he is the major reason why numerous Twitch streamers are opting out of Twitch and shifting to Youtube. 

Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV AKA Dr Disrespect left Twitch back in 2020 after his mysterious ban from Twitch. Subsequently, he joined Youtube. 

A number of mainstream influencers switched to Youtube including Ludwig, Dr Lupo, and TimTheTatman which in turn has brought Dr Disrespect to state that he is the reason why people have decided to leave Twitch and continue with Youtube instead. 

Dr Disrespect Credits Himself For Streamers Leaving Twitch And Choosing Youtube


Recently, in the December 6 broadcast, Dr got some viewers to extend their subscription which obviously prompted a reaction from the 6’8 gaming behemoth. 

As per Dexerto, He continued to state, “The support, trust me, it goes a long way. It doesn’t just fly by the black steel, aka the bullet-proof mullet into some unknown dimension.” 

Dr Disresect couldn’t stop himself from bragging, saying that Youtube has emerged as a strong competitor over the last few months. 

Furthermore, he added,  “All the support, ever since we got on YouTube, you guys are insane,” “And obviously, everyone is moving to YouTube because of me. I mean, let’s just be clear. Fwiz can claim certain things that he and his team are doing, no it’s f**king me.”

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