Dr Disrespect Doctober Halloween
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Dr Disrespect Announces His Annual ‘Doctober’ 2021 Halloween Contest

Eminent Twitch streamer Dr Disrespect has revealed information about his 2021 ‘Doctober’ Halloween cosplay contest which includes prizes, costumes, and vaseline.

The Two-Time had started his Halloween cosplay contest named ‘Doctober’ in 2019. Here fans have to come up with interesting costumes based on Doc to win some prizes.

Dr Disrespect Announces ‘Doctober’ 2021 Halloween Contest

The Two-Time announced on Twitter about the 2021 Halloween cosplay contest. He promised that there will be tons of prizes, good-looking costumes, and vaseline.

Doc also uploaded a poster of the contest wherein the procedure to participate in mentioned. In the poster, there is a “How To Play” section which explains the participation steps.

The first step is to dress up in the best Dr Disrespect costume you can think of. Doc’s costume is as follows: Black long-sleeve shirt, cargo pants, red vest, Oakley shades, tactical belt, mullet, and a headset. If you need some inspiration you can refer to the winner of the contest in 2019.

How To Participate In Dr Disrespect’s Doctober contest

After donning the costume, the next step is to take an ‘amazing’ photo or video of yourself in costume. The third and final step is to tweet your photo or video with the hashtag #Doctober2021.

After judging all the submissions, the prizes will be given. As per the official contest poster, there will be three winners of the contest – first, second, and third place.

If you reach third place, you will get a merch package, a signed peripheral package, and a permanent spot in Dr Disrespect’s $9 Trillion state-of-the-art arena.

If you come second you’ll win signed and used peripherals from Doc, peripheral package, merch package, and a permanent spot in the arena.

And if you end up in the first place you’ll win everything previously mentioned along with a pair of signed Oakley glasses and the chance to duo with Doc.

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