Dr Disrespect Cosplay By TimTheTatman
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Doc Approves Of TimTheTatman’s Dr. Disrespect Cosplay

Twitch legend Timothy ‘TimTheTatman’ Betar cosplayed Dr. Disrespect on stream and earned the respect of the two-time himself with his look.

In the streaming universe, Tim and Dr. Disrespect are best friends and they playfully mock each other on social media.

On July 28, Tim uploaded a video of his stream on Twitter with “Dr. Foodrespect” as the title in which he was showing his TimTheTatman Chipotle Supply kit that consisted of a box full of goodies such as a flask, compass, and other items.

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The package also had a vest similar to the icon one worn by Dr. Disrespect on-stream but excluding the bright red color, Dexerto reported. After walking away, Tim came back wearing the khaki-colored vest along with dark sunglasses. The sunglasses were similar to the ones that Dr. Disrespect wears.

He sat on his chair and said “The name is Timmy Tenders.” He went on to add in music and an echo to make himself sound even more like the two-time.

Tim added a disclaimer by saying that those were his Oakleys and he thought it would be funny because it’s like Doc. He said that the look is dope.

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After this, his supporters began spamming “Dr. Foodrespect” in the comment section of the video tweet giving Tim a new name for when he wears his Doc-inspired cosplay.

Dr. Disrespect saw the cosplay video and approved of it by replying with a video of himself at an NBA game with confetti raining down from above. He was wearing a black suit with a black shirt and tie along with a red-colored waistcoat.

Unfortunately, due to Doc’s perplexing and permanent ban on Twitch, the two are unable to play games such as Warzone with each other. TimTheTatman also claimed that Twitch might not let him play with Dr. Disrespect off-stream.

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