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Disguised Toast hits back at viewers shaming OfflineTV Minecraft server for not inviting small streamers

Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang clapped back at viewers criticizing OfflineTV for not inviting lesser-known streamers to its OTV Minecraft server. The 29-year-old internet personality explained that it is not a “charity.”

On June 2, OfflineTV announced its much-awaited Minecraft server. Before it went live, Disguised Toast slammed viewers for shaming OTV for inviting only popular streamers.

The Twitch star explained why they did not have to invite smaller streamers to play with them. Disguised Toast put a lid on these complaints with a fitting rant during his Twitch broadcast.

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Disguised Toast went live on Twitch to answer some questions from fans as he got ready to launch the OfflineTV server. Some viewers began to complain about who they invited to their Minecraft game.

“Someone said ‘hey, why don’t you invite small streamers?’” Disguised Toast read from his chat. “Do you want me to invite streamers that are small, purely based on the fact that they are small? Go f**k yourself. This isn’t charity. I’m not doing handouts here,” he responded.

Explaining his position, he said, “small streamers are generally small because they are bad streamers. And that’s why they’re not getting big.”

“There are streamers who have potential. And I would love to give them a chance. But they’re getting a chance not because they are small, but because they have potential.”

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“If your credentials to get into the Minecrafte server is that you are small, HELL NO. HELL NO. And the audacity of people asking,” he added. When a viewer pointed out that he was once a small streamer, he quipped, “Yes, but I was a small streamer with potential and humor, and a huge brain. I got big not because I was small.”

“We will invite streamers that we think are good, and it doesn’t matter if they are big or small.” Disguised Toast then detailed the massive undertaking it’s been choosing who gets invited. “There are 100 people asking for invites, and they all have a thousand viewers. I can’t skip all those people.”

Disguised Toast OfflineTV Minecraft server
Credit: Dexerto

He then revealed that popular streamers have already been turned down. “I’m already turning down streamers with 10, 20, 30,000 viewers. Why would I let on a streamer with only 20 viewers?”

It is worth noting that the server is for OfflineTV “and friends.” Disguised Toast, who recently posted a photo of his new makeover to Twitter, has been getting spammed by some viewers asking the question.

However, considering the huge demand to get into the OTV Minecraft server, it is likely to be a huge hit.


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